Protocol remodelare corporală (HIMFU + CRIORADIOFRECVENŢĂ + MASAJ TRANSDERMIC)-Sculptor înglobează cele mai performante şi eficiente terapii de slăbire, remodelare, tonifiere, anticelulitice şi reîntinerire care se pot îmbina într-un protocol perfect cu rezultate vizibile imediat.


HIFU multifocal HImFU – High Intensity MultiFocused Ultrasound

Non - invasive and painless technology, with results similar to surgical liposuction. It acts on adipocytes through high frequency cavitational waves to break them and reduce the circumference. With high frequency HImFU therapy, up to 4 cm are lost from the first session, through a penetration of up to 3 cm of the tissue.


The concept of CryoRadiofrequency is unique in the world, but it becomes functional thanks to the SCULPTOR equipment. It combines the two functions - Radiofrequency & Cryotherapy - for spectacular results from the first session. The procedure helps to compact and lift the skin.

Multipolar CrioRadiofrequency warms the surface and deep layers of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers. It results in lifting, melting and draining excess fat.

The monopolar CryoRadiofrequency heats selectively with a power up to 4 times higher than other types of radio frequency. The result is a reduction in girth by melting fat.


It combines endermological massage with LED therapy, which triples the efficiency of the treatment. At the body level, DermoHealth treats cellulite up to grade IV and multiplies the production of elastin and collagen. At the facial level, it softens dark circles and bags under the eyes from the first session.